Brad Porter
Monitoring Centre Manager
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Roy Kelly
Roy Kelly forms part of the original consortium that took on Security Alarm Monitoring Service with a clear intention of imparting his financial knowledge into it. Roy’s background as a Chartered Accountant with KPMG and Deloitte gave him not only the accounting skills that has seen many flow on benefits to Security Alarm Monitoring Service but also with operations and infrastructure. Roy’s business experience continues to play an integral part of the Companies decision making and also provides guidance and support to resellers. “There has to be a better way” is a phrase often quoted by Roy as he seeks out greater efficiencies for the business as well as negotiations with suppliers and stake holders.
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John Bascomb

John is Security Alarm Monitoring Services Systems Management Officer, beginning with the company as an operator in 2005 and moving organically into the system maintenance role to maintain and assist developing the alarm monitoring suite. He is committed to the continual improvement of the monitoring software and provides assistance to resellers regarding new technology products. Striving to get the best out of the alarm monitoring software he combines his monitoring and hardware experience to work with software developers and alarm manufacturers to push functionality and features in both the monitoring software and user hardware. This ultimately results in better software for the monitoring centre operators and better end user experiences as hardware services improve. John’s all-round knowledge provides reseller technicians good advice when they ask “what can I do here” when setting up any of our new technology products making installations quicker and easier.
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Monitoring Centre

Every member of the Monitoring Centre team takes great pride in their job, an often difficult and thankless one. Countless hours of meticulous attention is required from these people and they do it in the most professional way. This is not an industry where employees come and go week in week out it requires a lot of training and experience.
With senior staff like Michael Hegarty who provides the monitoring centres data entry applying his 14 years of experience to the administration team that have over 50 years’ experience between them.  Security Alarm monitoring Service is also proud that the average years of service for the monitoring centre staff is 7 years. It is this level of experience and longevity that sets them apart.
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