For many when they think of a monitoring service they think of home and business alarms, duress and fire and for the most part they are correct. Security Alarm Monitoring Service offers much more than that. We all have many precious possessions that require protecting including these listed below which can be monitored,

  • Cars
  • Boats
  • Caravans
  • Holiday houses
  • Solar panels

Personal safety is of the utmost importance in everyday life. Our population as a whole is aging and because we love and care for our elderly family we want them to stay at home and remain independent as long as possible. We monitor devices that look after everyone not only the elderly and vulnerable. With this in mind we monitor,

  • Medical Alert pendants
  • Call in services
  • Personal safety and welfare
  • Specialised independent living devices
  • Domestic Violence

Further strengthening our monitoring solutions we have added image verification utilising the latest in IP video technology. At the moment we support;

  • Mobotix
  • Axis
  • Retro fitted high end Analogue

If you are a manufacturer and want to test your product with our systems please contact us.

Work place health and safety is a growth area and we monitor many of these products that watch over workers and alert us to potential situations. If you have a lone worker or personal safety device that needs to be monitored please contact us