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Bureau Alarm

Monitoring Solutions

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Wholesale Alarm Monitoring

Package & Resell

A white exclamation point inside an red circle with a smaller white circle on the inside. The one thing that remains constant is change, which is why SAMS are always developing and adapting to changes in the security industry so they can continue to provide the best professional alarm monitoring service to bureaus in Australia.

The Evolution of Professional

Alarm Monitoring

Security Alarm Monitoring Service works with Bureaus to deliver the

most professional alarm monitoring in Australia

What You Get When You Choose Security Alarm Monitoring Service

More about Security Alarm Monitoring Service

Security Alarm Monitoring Service has been operating a professional alarm monitoring centre for over 20 years. Specialising in priority response alarm monitoring for the Australian security industry. Security Alarm Monitoring Service is a wholesale alarm monitoring service that is contracted by independently owned security installation companies. Security Alarm Monitoring Service also partners with member-based organisations and resellers to offer incentive-based monitoring services to customers.

Graded Alarm Monitoring Control Room

Security Alarm Monitoring Service’s graded alarm monitoring control room is purpose built and accredited by the Australian Security Industry Association Ltd. Security Alarm Monitoring Service has continuously maintained an ASIAL grade A1 monitoring centre, the highest certification available to professional alarm monitoring centres in Australia. Security Alarm Monitoring Service is subject to continuous compliance with Australian standard AS2201 Part 2:2004. To achieve this, the control room has been equipped with backup power supplies and computer systems that feature failover capabilities. If one system fails a backup system will take over with no loss of data or operation time.

Team of Security Professionals

Currently, Security Alarm Monitoring Service employs a team of operators who service thousands of clients for hundreds of Bureaus across Australia. Bureau alarm monitoring is what we do and we are committed to providing our clients and their customers with a consistently high-level personable response service.

Always Striving for Better

Security Alarm Monitoring Service is constantly striving to be the best alarm monitoring centre in Australia. Security Alarm Monitoring Service has positioned itself in the industry as a leader in professional monitoring service committed to evolving with the latest technology and products ensuring success in the future. We understand the changing needs of alarm monitoring with the growth of new technology. That’s why we work closely with companies such as Alarm.com, ensuring that our high standards are carried over to this new area of home automation monitoring. Security Alarm Monitoring Service is the go-to ASIAL Grade A1 Monitoring Centre for Bureau alarm monitoring in Australia.

Customer Testimonials

  • "Riedel Services have been working with Security Alarm Monitoring for many years. The professionalism and efficiency in which the Monitoring Centre operates is second to none. We have every confidence in having our clients needs looked after by their experienced operators. "

    Oliver Riedel, General Manager Riedel Services
  • "We love Security Alarm Monitoring Service's pro-active approach to industry and technology information "

    Julie-Anne, JAG Security and Communications
  • "'We wouldn't be swayed by just price because we already get "Value for Money" with your monitoring control room, and a cheaper price doesn't always come with the same level of service. "

    Darren Lynch, Director Securecom SA