Security Alarm Monitoring Service has evolved from the early days of dialler alarm monitoring to the multifaceted communication approach of today. The future is very bright and we want to embrace it, ride the wave and look to the horizon for the next one.

Security Alarm Monitoring Service is aware that the NBN will provide new opportunities and will embrace the changes it will bring. Our focus will be,

  • Finding communication partners to assist us with new opportunities
  • Assisting to make the change to an NBN world simple and understandable
  • Using our suppliers to assist with education for installers to provide the best solutions for their clients
  • Expanding our R&D Department for sourcing, configuring and implementing new products
  • Observing overseas markets and trends relevant to our industry and services

With NBN comes a greater need to have connected devices monitored, the Internet of Things is the best way to explain this, Oxford Dictionary defines it as:

A proposed development of the Internet in which everyday objects have network connectivity, allowing them to send and receive data

With this in mind there will be a greater need to monitor things other than traditional devices, at present we monitor,

HomesIP CamerasWelfare
WarehousesElderly peopleIndustrial Equipment
Personal SafetyATMs

If it is not listed speak to us about it.

Security Alarm Monitoring Service will provide its partners with the latest products that will be delivered with training, support and a structured approach to educating our customer base. We encourage resellers who need a partner to formulate a strategy to embrace change to contact us.