We pride ourselves on the fact that we have an enviable record in retention of our resellers. We have not had a reseller leave us as a result of a poor monitoring which is a statistic we are pleased with at Security Alarm Monitoring Service.

It’s not always about price, it is service and reliability that should be part of the evaluation process. Security Alarm Monitoring Service welcomes the opportunity to work with your business and assist you to move to our Monitoring Centre. We encourage you to speak with anyone of our resellers to confirm our credentials.

Thinking of changing? Enter you details in the contact us form and we will call to assist you with the,

  • Induction to our Standard Operating Procedures
  • Setting up your specific procedures
  • Helping with any 13 number details
  • Set up assisted billing if required
  • Provide commissioning form templates

The whole process should be as simple as possible. For more information contact us.