Our Business is 24/7, there is no compromise, we never close!

There are many types of alarms and devices out there to be monitored with different forms of communication to alert us of an event.  We support a wide range of these devices from PSTN land line diallers to the more emerging technologies of IP/3G and of course NBN. See our full list under Supported Products. We do not dictate what you need to use,  the choice is yours.

The Australian Standards require high levels of redundancy. In order to achieve Grade A1 status we have in place sophisticated technology delivering continuity of service. Our Centre has,

  • 100% up time power through UPS (Uninterrupted Power Suppliers)
  • Backup Generator for endless power should an extended outage be encountered
  • Redundant communication paths
  • Seamless operator backup consoles
  • A standby roster for extreme emergencies
  • Disaster recovery plan

Resellers are a major part of our business and we understand they are often family owned and operated. We offer a range of administrative services which include book keeping, billing and debtor management as well as business respite which gives back valuable time and quality of life.

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