An elderly mother in a blue jacket with white hair and dark sunglasses sit smiling next to her grown daughter who is also smiling wearing dark sunglasses and a grey jumper. They are happy that the mother can stay in her own home and be safe thanks to the Ageing In Place system they have.

Meet Shirley a spritely 89 year old lady that is more active than many half her age. Trudy her daughter loves her mum and wants her to live independently. There is no way Shirley is ready for a nursing home but with a recent fracture of the pelvis and a knee replacement on the way Trudy wants to keep a better eye on her mum. Shirley’s grandson Reuben has also agreed to help so long as it’s not to inconvenient.

Ageing in Place  has so many benefits but it also comes with its risks. Trudy had organised for Shirley to purchase a traditional medical emergency pendent but like many Shirley really doesn´t like wearing it and often takes it off. For Shirley’s family they wanted something more than just an emergency pendent as they wish for her to be independent for as long as possible, Trudy sought out a proactive assisted technology solution that could alert her and Reuben ahead of time but it had to be non-invasive unlike the medical pendent.

Shirley and Trudy chose the Security Alarm Monitoring Service Ageing in Place solution for her mum so the family;

  • Be notified of changes in routine
  • Was technology based so it was attractive to Reuben
  • Share the alerts with multiple family members and carers if Trudy is away
  • Be updated on Shirley’s well-being wherever she is
  • Continue to add more smart devices to the system as Shirley needs change
  • See Shirley´s overall activity levels on a dashboard via an app
  • Ensure the solution also had to be NBN ready

The solution also had to fit within the families budget, have reasonable ongoing costs and be compatible with their lifestyle.

A young man with dark hair and coke-bottle glasses opens his shirt to reveal the S of the superman costume that he wears underneath, he is a safety superhero to those who wish to live at home in their later years with the Ageing In Place system.

This video helped Trudy and Shirley understand what the Solution entailed and how others are already benefitting.

So why Security Alarm Monitoring Service  Wellness Powered by over more traditional devices?

A circular image that centres around the logo and has five images around that. Interactive security where a young business man walks looking at his smartphone where it is assumed the app is running. Intelligent Automation where a modern house is shown to be lit up presumably powered by Energy management showing a smart meter. Wellness solutions where and elderly lady stands behind her young grandson and presumably takes advantage of the ageing in place system. Video monitoring where the angle of the shot of the internal stairs and front door appear to be coming from a wall mounted security camera.
  • Increased levels of safety as the solution learns and interprets patterns to be self-aware and create alerts
  • Reduced levels of hospitalisation or re admittance to hospital as care givers can see issues ahead of time
  • Alerts on no movement
  • For dementia patients it can notify wandering behaviours
  • Night time safety alerts
  • Logs interaction with medicine cabinets fridges, items that affect the persons well being
  • Monitors bathroom frequency for changes in visitation
  • Still has the duress pendent
  • Has 2 way voice fitted for the monitoring centre to communicate when notified
  • Adding of home automation devices to increase life convenience, such as automatic lighting, remote
    A/C on off, locks that can be opened if emergency services are required

What is it that Trudy and Reuben get to see

Trudy and her son Reuben stand smiling and hugging each other taking a selfie while they are in what appears to be an airport, they are happy that they can go away and know that their mum/grandma is safe and monitored with the aging in place system
  • Up and About notifications
  • Away from the bed for too long at night
  • Still in bed – notifying of a possible illness
  • Wandering – a door has opened at an unusual time
  • Fridge door opening and closing (healthy eating)
  • Still in Chair – unable to get up or poor sleeping behaviour
  • Unexpected activity – above average trips to the toilet
  • Alarm events such as duress or illegal entry
  • Supporting images with an installed image sensor
A black iPhone with a notification from Ageing In Place powered by
An internal look at the Ageing In Place app powered by and monitored by Security Alarm Monitoring Service
An internal look at the Ageing In Place app powered by and monitored by Security Alarm Monitoring Service
An internal look at the Ageing In Place app powered by and monitored by Security Alarm Monitoring Service

See the areas needing attention

A screen shot of the Ageing In Place wellness dashboard powered by and monitored by Security Alarm Monitoring Service. Includes columns for Behaviours like total sleep time, got to bed time, wake up time, kitchen visits, restroom visits, activity level. The amount of time or visits, then an indication well below, below, average, above, well above,.

And drill down for more detail

Screenshot of the insights into what an average day looks like at home for those using the Ageing In Place dashboard powered by and monitored by security alarm monitoring service (SAMS)

Good things come in small packages

A display of the asorted parts of the Ageing In Place system powered by and monitored by Security Alarm Monitoring Service

The system is wirefree and is capable of;

  • The system collects and sends data as well as
    • Having an in built siren
    • Send Snapshot camera images
    • Z Wave Home automation
    • 2 way voice to the monitoring centre
    • 3G and Wi-Fi communication
  • Wireless motion and read switches
  • Wireless pressure sensors
  • Wireless water and Co2 sensors
  • Wearable pendents
  • Motion sensors that capture images

Most of all the system is quick and easy to install as well as being discreet.

A neatly made bed with white sheets, the sheet is folded back to show the blue sensor pad that is used by Ageing In Place powered by to monitor the wellbeing of loved ones.
Logo: Powered by and the a stylised orange A with a small dot to the top left and enclosed by a hexagon like shape and then in bold black to the left of that.