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Security Alarm Monitoring Service (SAMS) has been operating a 24/7 professional alarm monitoring centre 1996. We specialise in priority response alarm monitoring for the security industry in Australia.

Security Alarm Monitoring Service (SAMS) is a wholesale alarm monitoring service that is contracted by independently owned security installation companies. Security Alarm Monitoring Service (SAMS) also partners with member-based organisations and resellers to offer incentive-based monitoring services to customers.

Security Alarm Monitoring Service’s purpose-built monitoring station is accredited by ASIAL (Australian Security Industry Association Limited) as a “Grade A1” monitoring centre subject to continuous compliance with the Australian standard AS2201 Part 2:2004. To achieve this certification, the SAMS monitoring centre has been fully equipped with backup power supplies and computer systems that feature failover capabilities. In the event of one system failing a backup system will seamlessly take over with no loss of data or operator time.

Currently, Security Alarm Monitoring Service (SAMS) highly trained operators service thousands of clients Australia wide. We are committed to providing our customers with a consistently high-level personable response service.

Security Alarm Monitoring Service (SAMS) is constantly striving to be the best alarm monitoring centre in Australia. Security Alarm Monitoring Service (SAMS) has positioned itself in the industry as a leader in professional monitoring services committed to evolving with the latest technology and products ensuring success in the future. We understand the changing needs of monitoring with the growth of new technology and work closely with companies such as, ensuring that our high standards are carried over to this new area of home automation monitoring. SAMS is the go to Grade A1 Monitoring Centre for bureaus operating in Australia.


Customer Testimonials

What our customer say about us.

"Thank God I not only have my house alarmed but it is Monitored by your company. I do believe whoever was in my house realised I was monitored when your company rang my home number at 1.00pm in response to my alarm going off. As I did not answer, Security immediately rang my mobile and following a quick but reassuring conversation the decision was made to contact the Police. "
Glenda WA
"'We wouldn't be swayed by just price because we already get "Value for Money" with your monitoring control room, and a cheaper price doesn't always come with the same level of service.' "
Darren Lynch, Director of Securecom SA